A Revolutionary Device

A prosthesis that can end wrist pain, resulting in freedom of movement, and a renewed quality of life!

The DRUJ Implant

A graphic of the DRUJ implant inserted in an arm

The Aptis DRUJ prosthesis is intended to replace the distal radioulnar joint to help resolve pain and weakness caused by arthritis or failed surgical procedures such as the Darrach. This is supported in medical journals by surgeons from around the world. It’s safe and effective.

During the implantation procedure, a metal plate is attached to the radius. The ulna is then carefully trimmed to allow for the best possible fit.  A metal stem is inserted down the interior of the ulna. The polymer ball then slides on to a polished peg on the top of the ulnar stem and is seated in the socket of the radial plate with a small metal cap.

Patient Testimonial

Find a Surgeon

Surgeons around the world are performing the Scheker Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint prosthesis procedure. If you think you are a candidate for the Aptis Medical Distal Radio Ulnar Joint implant, then find a doctor near you and contact their office for an appointment.