About Us

In 1987, while treating a mutilated Korean/Vietnam veteran, Dr. Scheker created a rudimentary version of a DRUJ implant that combined an ulnar stem, a ball, and a radial plate with a distal socket that allowed pronation and supination. In doing so, he also found that unlike other DRUJ salvage procedures like the Darrach and Sauve Kapandji, the patient regained the ability to lift weight and perform daily activities like opening doors and drinking straight from a glass without the pain caused by impingement.

Dr. Scheker wanted to provide this solution to other patients with unsolvable distal radioulnar joint issues. Finding that no existing medical device company believed in the idea, he ultimately decided to fund and create Aptis Medical himself. Almost 5000 implants have been inserted in patients from 17 to 94 years old in dozens of countries around the world.

Aptis Medical is a privately owned company founded in Louisville, Kentucky. The design, manufacturing and support staff are all located in the United States. Our mission is to provide parts meeting the highest possible quality standards and ensure that they are delivered to our customers. Aptis is committed to improving the life of individuals with forearm problems in the both the distal and proximal ends. We will do this by continuing to prove that putting innovative ideas into motion can change medicine.