Aptis has developed a revolutionary device that can end the pain thousands of people with distal radial ulna joint disorders live with everyday. It’s safe, and it works.

Aptis Medical has changed treatment of the Distal Radioulnar Joint as the DRUJ prosthesis recreates its complex and unique function, allowing the radius and ulna to pivot as they are intended. By performing this function, the Aptis prosthesis alleviates the pain previously associated with DRUJ damage or removal while still allowing the patient to use the forearm for lifting and turning. This is something that is not possible with joint removal.

The DRUJ Implant Inserted Into Ulna


Aptis Medical Distal Radio Ulnar Joint implant is intended for replacement of the distal radioulnar joint following ulnar head resection arthroplasty:

Replacement of the distal radio-ulnar head for rheumatoid, degenerative, or post-traumatic arthritis presenting with the following findings:

  • Pain and weakness of the wrist joint not improved by non-operative treatment
  • Instability of the ulna head with radiographic evidence of dislocation or erosive changes of the distal radio-ulnar joint
  • Failed ulna head resection; e.g. Darrach resection
  • Primary replacement after fracture of the ulna head or neck
  • Revision following failed ulna head arthroplasty

Frequently Asked Questions

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A healthy distal radioulnar joint allows you to lift weight without pain.

There are risks with any implantable device. Due to the prosthesis being manufactured out of Cobalt Chrome, patients with nickel allergies should be tested before the procedure to prevent any possible allergic reactions.

Yes. One of the intended uses is to help patients with rheumatoid, degenerative or post-traumatic arthritis.

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